• Vehicle inspections
  • Warranty safe new vehilce log book servicing
  • Complete vehicle maintenance
  • Electronic tune-up and diagnosis
  • Exhaust system repair and replacement for diesel or petrol
  • Injector servicing
  • Brake and Clutch repairs
  • Cooling system servicing and repairs
  • Reconditioned engine and driveline components
  • Heaps more .... just ask  


We are:

  • An authorised Inspection Station for the Department of Transport
  • A distributor for Ironman 4x4 and Camping products
  • A member of the Institute of Automotive Engineers  


New Car Servicing

Many people are unsure if they can get their new car serviced by someone other than the business or an authorised agent of the business that sold the car without voiding the warranty. The answer is YES, you can.


Many dealerships will insist that they need to service your car according to the manufacturers specifications, using genuine or appropriate parts where required. Providing that these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warrenty will remain intact.


For warrenty work where parts need to be replaced, this does need to go to the dealer as repairs should be done free of charge under the warrenty. 


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